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How can we help you? Here we answer the most common questions.

  • How do I ship my products with MOODJA?

    That’s quite simple. Get in touch with us, you will immediately receive an individual offer and can directly convince yourself of our unique service.

  • How long does it take until MOODJA is ready to ship my products?

    Shipping with MOODJA can be implemented very quickly. In a telephone consultation we will clarify your requirements with you and send you an individual offer. The technical connection of your website as well as the notification of your goods will be done quickly and easily, usually within 72 hours. In the end it is up to you how fast the shipping can be done with MOODJA.

  • Where are your logistics centres?

    Our logistics centre is located directly near Berlin at Stra├če der Einheit 142-148, 14612 Falkensee. From this location we supply goods to all of Europe.

  • What packaging options are available?

    A great many – to be more precise: we are guided entirely by you when it comes to packaging options and will be happy to advise you on this if required. After all, packaging plays a key role in the customer’s buying experience, especially in e-commerce.

  • How do I sell my products on marketplaces like Amazon or Zalando?

    There are several ways to sell your products on marketplaces like Amazon and Zalando. Which one you choose depends on a number of factors: (1) which internal resources are available to you, (2) which access you have to these platforms and how experienced you are in using these platforms (3) how much turnover you already have (4) how you want to handle your logistics. If you are not already using dedicated resources for this purpose and you are running a modern logistics and are satisfied, we recommend contacting us. That way we can advise you best.

  • Which products and product categories can I send with MOODJA?

    We at MOODJA originally come from the fashion industry. Through our many years of experience in setting up Zalando Logistics, we are very familiar with the different demands of shipping different product groups. In general, however, we ship products from the FMCG sector, except for food or products with temperature requirements. If you are still not sure if MOODJA can help you, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Can I use MOODJA even if my headquarter is not located in Berlin?

    The decision whether you would like to have your goods in a warehouse near you is of course up to you. However, for various reasons we can point out that this is not necessary and that you can give us the responsibility for handling your logistics. In general, the question should rather be whether you want to continue to take care of your logistics. Or whether it does not make sense to trust a modern partner like Moodja. Get in touch with us and see for yourself!

  • We are a small company. Can we still send with MOODJA?

    Of course. We are even looking forward to new, young brands which we can help to launch and scale, such as our customers Aeyde and Ivy & Oak. After all, every brand starts somewhere. The earlier you find the right logistics solution, the better it is for everyone. Because when sales soar, shipping must be able to keep up. We at MOODJA can ensure this.

  • We are Amazon powerseller and use fulfillment by Amazon. How can MOODJA help us?

    First of all, we are happy that you successfully sell your products on Amazon. But what about other market places? Either way we can help you. Because even if you use possible fulfillment solutions of different marketplaces, you give away a piece of your brand integrity. Your products are shipped in the packages of the respective marketplace and you have no control over what else is in the package. MOODJA helps you to keep this control. When your customers order through Amazon or Zalando, they experience your brand as if they were ordering your products through your own online store.

  • We are active in both B2B and B2C business. Can MOODJA take care of all our logistics?

    We process all your orders. For us it does not matter whether they are direct sales to private customers or wholesale deliveries. With our easy-to-use software you always have an overview and can check the status of your orders at any time and keep control of your stock.

  • How does MOODJA differ from other logistics providers?

    At MOODJA we understand that in today’s digital world, things sometimes need to go a little faster and that it is no longer enough to be just a service provider. On the contrary: we at MOODJA see ourselves as a digital partner for our customers and see our task in keeping up with the rapid growth of our customers and finding solutions for ever new requirements quickly and proactively – at no extra cost, of course. Another difference to other logistics providers is that we do not only take care of the shipping of your products, but much more. We are flexible and can respond to your individual wishes. We help you to place your brand on marketplaces like Amazon or Zalando, so that you can sell your products there. And we make sure that you no longer have to worry about your logistics. MOODJA is as simple as that: send us your products and we will do the rest.

  • Are my products safe with MOODJA?

    At MOODJA we insure 100% of the safety of your inventory. Our logistics centre is protected and video monitored around the clock. The entire building is also equipped with smoke detection and sprinkler systems. Come and visit us to see for yourself!

  • Which IT interfaces are available?

    We offer standard IT interfaces to Shopify, Woocommerce, Plentymarkets and Tradebyte. In addition, our RESTful API provides connectivity to Magento and many more. If you are using a different shop system, please contact us so that we can find a suitable low-cost solution for you.

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