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You are ready to go. You could start selling immediately and you just need someone to take over your logistics. Or you are at least in the planning stage and are looking for the right partner when you are ready. That’s ok. You are at the right spot. With our iintegrations you can get started after just a few clicks. You don't have to be a professional for this - anyone can do it. Join Now.

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The contract has been signed and you have linked your online shop with our ERP system within a few minutes. So now we can start. Send your goods to our warehouse and let us know when they arrive. We’ll take care of the rest and store your goods immediately upon arrival. So that nothing is lying around unnecessarily and you can earn money quickly. That is what ultimately matters.

International shipping and fulfillment with Moodja

Ship to customers worldwide.

Have you just received an order from China? Or from Switzerland? Very good! We are happy for you. These are the first global steps for your brand. We make sure that every order is properly packed and shipped so that your goods reach the customer as quickly as possible, wherever he lives. Because in today's global world, no road is too far for us.


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Our customers.

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We are really happy with MOODJa as our shipping service provider. Whereas we are very satisfied with their fulfillment services such as shipping, returns and custom packaging, we especially want to highlight their great support when it comes to developing new processes.

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Kristine Zeller - Co-Founder & CEO of Ooia

Moodja has been an indispensable support pillar to scale our ecommerce operations for various reasons: the proximity of their warehouse in Berlin, their flexibility and personalization, transparent pricing, easy integration, strong performance and great personal service. With their deep warehousing and logistics expertise, they are more than just a service but a holistic operations partner.

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Mattias Bosman - Head of Operations Highsnobiety

With MOODJA, we have found a logistics partner that has exceeded our expectations. The team works professionally, competently, responsibly, proactively and quickly in all areas. The processes are optimally adapted to the most diverse requirements of e-commerce companies. At the same time, the technical setup offers exactly the transparency and independence that we need in everyday life. We find the cooperation with MOODJA to be a strong and reliable relief that allows us to keep the focus on the growth of the company.

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Bella Chen - Founder & Managing Director Kazai Studios GmbH

Our carriers.

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Moodja or no mood?

Have we convinced you? Then come and visit us in our warehouse. Our customers include small and large brands - all of them have been satisfied with our service so far. If you have any questions, you can always call us or write an email.

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