Fulfillment and Logistics (Made in Berlin) – Your Fashion & Lifestyle Specialist

Fulfillment and Logistics (Made in Berlin) – Your Fashion & Lifestyle Specialist

E-Commerce Fulfillment for Startups: What Is That?

As a leading e-commerce company for fashion and lifestyle fulfillment in the European fashion sector, we know the needs and pain points of start-ups and growing companies. Clients are often not yet familiar with operational logistics processes, or they are making their first steps in managing their own orders. They often ask us what fulfillment actually is and whether fulfillment makes sense for startups and small businesses.

In a nutshell, the term ‘fulfillment’ entails outsourcing all processes related to your logistics structure. Our motto is: you take care of the sales and we do the rest for you. No matter if it is about taking orders, processing of returns, delivery of goods to individual or major customers, or special packaging – MOODJA is the right contact for all these questions.

We see ourselves as an e-commerce fulfillment service provider. You can outsource your entire logistics infrastructure to us. It makes no difference whether you sell exclusively to private end customers or also make bulk deliveries to business intermediaries. We work successfully with various well-known German and international brands in both, business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) fulfillment.

Aside from our expertise in B2C digital fulfillment, we can also leverage our industry contacts in your favor. We can help place your fashion brand in a variety of digital brand venues, which would otherwise be hard to attain. Among others, we have excellent contacts with the industry giant Zalando.

To help you better understand which specific services you can outsource to us, we’ll take a closer look at the individual sub-processes of an e-commerce order process, starting with the receipt of your produced goods.


With us, everything starts in the INBOUND, from goods receipt and stock inspection to labelling, every wish is fulfilled here. We offer these services in favour of you, as they can be very expensive if you take them over yourself.
Step 1 is the receipt of goods, whether hanging or lying, we store your products with system and order and check them for damage. At the same time, we check the stock of the delivery you have sent us. If you still need support in labelling your products, we will gladly take care of that for you too! In this process, it is also common to “kitten” your products or combine them into a product bundle. Relabelling is also no problem if there are any errors.


E-Commerce Fulfillment Order Processing

After we have checked, sorted and stored your stock, the next step is order processing. This is the moment when your end customer orders one or more products directly from you. At this point, there are several ways your customer’s order can be transmitted to a fulfilment service provider like us. We usually integrate our fulfilment software into your Shopify or Woocommerce online shop via a special interface.Logo ShopifyOnce this is done, our system automatically receives a notification that an order has been received in your online shop. After the technical processing of your order, our employees get to work. In the pick we start early every day to get your goods out of the warehouse. This way we offer the best conditions to send your orders as fast as possible. But after the pick comes the most beautiful part for your product, the pack or also called outbound.


In the OUTBOUND we at MOODJA have decided not to integrate any branding or similar of our company. We concentrate on your wishes, whether flyers, stickers, tissue paper…everything your heart desires. It is important to us to maintain your brand integrity and to convey your values to the customer.

Also for special occasions like Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday etc. you can tell us your extra wishes and we will realise them for you. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is customer satisfaction and as we all know, that is the key to success. When the parcel is on its way, the tracking is of course always visible for the customer and for you.

Shipment of Goods

After the order has been received and the goods have been packed, the package is sent to our shipping station. There we prepare it for delivery to the end customer. Among other things, this means that the parcel is weighed and our experts decide which shipping method is best.

The shipping methods are as varied as our customers. Some customers only have a few exclusive national orders, while other customers receive several thousand orders a day from all over Europe. Our MOODJA experts always know which method is best for you. It is also the responsibility of the shipping station to update the status of the customer’s order in the system, so that both you and your customers can follow the progress of the order.

Returns Management

Not to be forgotten is returns management. For many customers these days, being able to return a purchased item without hassle is a must. As an e-commerce merchant, you should set up a transparent returns policy. From our experience, we recommend a dual solution: you provide your customers with external information about returns on your website, and you provide us with internal guidelines on how to handle returns after they reach our warehouse.

We know that all four process steps sound relatively simple now, but believe us: the devil is in the detail. Our internal quality management pays special attention to the subtleties that distinguish a professional fulfilment partner from a second-rate logistics service provider. For us, the focus is on both you as the client and your customers, which is why we want to grow with you right from the start.

So if you’re wondering whether fulfillment makes sense for small, growing businesses or promising start-ups, we can answer with a resounding yes. We know that in a world of standard processes, every customer needs individual fulfilment solutions. Therefore, it is best to discuss your individual needs personally – contact us.

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