Our services for 3PL & fulfillment.

MOODJA is your provider for 3PL (third party logistics) and fulfillment from Berlin. With us you can outsource your entire logistics in e-commerce across Europe. Warehousing, shipping, receiving goods, returns management and other logistics services at fair prices.

Warehousing and shipping as a service

Overview of all services.

Receiving goods

As a service provider, MOODJA is also able to shine in the area of ​​incoming goods through efficient warehouse logistics. Thanks to modern software, we always have a precise overview of all incoming goods and inventories. This way your products will land with your customers as quickly as possible and without detours.

Warehouse management

MOODJA offers you warehousing as a service for your e-commerce business. With us you can store lying and hanging goods in a state-of-the-art and secure warehouse in a central location outside of Berlin. Affordable and well organized storage space for your products with Moodja.


Fast and inexpensive shipping is a must in the times of Amazon and Co. As an ambitious logistics service provider, Moodja always tries to exceed common standards. Thanks to our digital shipping tracking, you also always have a full overview of where your order is. Each box we pack with great care because that’s what customers want.


Branded packaging, flyers, and greeting cards are all an important part of successful packaging. At Moodja, we therefore attach great importance to ensuring that your goods are packaged according to your personal ideas. Packaging with colored designs and personalized kitting as a value-added service with MOODJA.

Returns management

In the age of online shopping, good returns management simply belongs to every e-commerce business. MOODJA handles all your returns in a modern infrastructure and with optimized processes to keep costs as low as possible. We check returned products and sort them state-of-the-art.

Additional services

With our extensive partner network, we can support you holistically in your business. Marketing, photo or video shootings, customer service, customs clearance and many other services complement MOODJA's 3PL services perfectly. With over 30 years of combined experience in e-commerce, we can surely help.

Our prices for logistics services.

Prices for 3PL fulfillment and services always depend on the type and quantity of the goods. At this point we would like to show only in an idealized scenario what costs can arise, for example, for a web shop that outsources logistics to a service provider.

3PL fulfillment.
Example prices.
0,50 € - 3 € per package
8 € - 12 € per palette (120x80x180)
Warehousing (monthly costs)
0,55 € - 0,95 € per space (40x30x28)
8 € - 12 €per palette (120x80x180)
1,20 € - 1,40 € per order
0,10 € - 0,60 € per item / add-on
Returns management
1,20 € - 1,40 € per return
0,10 € - 0,60 € per item / add-on

Understand 3PL and fulfillment in e-commerce.

As an external service provider, we at MOODJA take over the logistics for our customers. As a 3PL fulfillment provider we organize warehousing, shipping, receiving goods, returns management, and more. Small and large companies, especially startups, can also use the third-party logistics model to develop an extensive logistics infrastructure without making a huge investment.

We work with a large number of partners so that we can offer our customers the best services. In this way, we also enable services that go beyond the classic logistics industry. At MOODJA, you can also know your digital infrastructure - with your own website and the integration of your products on large online marketplaces.

Customs and customerservice as a service

Receiving goods, inventory check and labeling.

Only with the right logistics software and the appropriate experience can you always keep an overview of incoming goods and inventories. However, not every company can afford to take over the receiving goods, inventory check and labeling itself. For young ecommerce businesses in particular, it can make sense to outsource these tasks.

At MOODJA, we attach great importance to ensuring that all inventory is recorded upon receipt and stored systematically. This way we always keep an overview and can guarantee an efficient processing of your customers' orders. Thanks to fair pricing, even young startups can afford Moodja's services and thus get off to a successful start in ecommerce.

Customs and customerservice as a service

Warehousing for fashion, lifestyle, and e-commerce.

MOODJA takes over the warehousing for shelf and hanging products like fashion. The highest security standards apply in our warehouse, so that your goods are protected from possible damage at all times. Thanks to our modern logistics software, all processes in the warehouse are also optimized and your orders are processed as quickly as possible. Thanks to our flexible and fair pricing, our warehousing is ideal for large online retailers as well as for young startups.

In this way, even young ecommerce businesses without large start-up capital can afford their own storage space. With your products and our logistics infrastructure, you can also handle large orders within a very short time and quickly scale your online trade. Especially if you want to offer your products on large online marketplaces such as Amazon and Co., it is important to have enough products in stock.

Customs and customerservice as a service

Shipping, picking, kitting and tracking.

With MOODJA, shipping, picking, kitting and shipment tracking of your goods are covered holistically. The expectations of customers are high these days, especially when it comes to shipping. If you cannot deliver quickly and without errors, you will have problems asserting yourself on the market. A positive customer experience is the key to a successful ecommerce business.

So put the shipping of your products in good hands! We at MOODJA have already gained extensive experience in shipping, picking and tracking and we offer our customers an all-round carefree shipping package with our logistics infrastructure. In addition, we also offer added value services such as personalized kitting, so that your packages always end up with the right content at the customer.

Modern shipment tracking also allows us to always keep an overview of all deliveries from our warehouse and to pass this information on to you and the end customer. This not only improves the customer experience, but also helps us to always optimize our own processes.

Customs and customerservice as a service

Returns management as a service.

If there are problems with the content of an order or the ordered products do not meet the expectations, the possibility of a return is important for a positive customer experience. Successful returns management, however, involves various aspects which may not be manageable without the appropriate logistics infrastructure.

It is precisely because many customers appreciate and even expect the possibility of returning goods free of charge today that it is a central component of successful ecommerce business. MOODJA therefore offers you extensive returns management as a service for your company. With our infrastructure, we can process returns quickly and inexpensively. So you can offer your customers the best customer experience and stay competitive.

Customs and customerservice as a service

Personalized logistics with value added services.

External logistics and 3PL are often associated with a loss of control in packaging. With many fulfillment solutions, someone else decides what your customer will end up receiving at home. At MOODJA, we believe that packaging that does not represent your company and package inserts and flyers that advertise other companies should not end up with your customers.

With MOODJA, you keep your brand integrity. You decide what the package looks like, which ultimately arrives at your customer and you have 100 percent control over what is in the package. Our value-added services therefore also include individual kitting for all your packages. Flyers, greeting cards and package inserts are included according to your wishes and improve the ordering experience of your customers.

Some companies that already work with us.

Icon Highsnobiety
Icon aeyde
Icon ooshi
Icon HeyHoney
Icon Ivy and Oak
Icon Ucon Acrobatics

At home in the fashion industry.

The founders of MOODJA all have many years of experience in the logistics and fashion industry. In addition to working in managerial positions at large companies such as Zalando, they were also able to help found other startups. MOODJA is now a 3PL service provider in the fashion sector, but we are also happy to help customers from other industries who want to outsource their logistics.

We don't want to send as much as possible as cheaply as possible, but we put a lot of emphasis on a high quality of your shipments with the greatest possible flexibility for you. You decide yourself how your parcel arrives at your customer. Starting with the cardboard box, tissue paper or enclosed marketing material - we want your package to reach your customer as if you had packed it yourself.

Verfügbare E-Commerce-Schnittstellen

Icon Woocommerce
Icon Shopify
Icon plentymarkets
Icon Magento
Icon Jimdo


Tradebyte is a key enabler across European Fashion & Lifestyle retail offering SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions and services that drive the transition to a true platform economy. Tradebyte simplifies platform operations and connects the platform community with a boosting ecosystem of brands, retailers, and service partners to accelerate their business.

Since 2016 we collaborate with Tradebyte to support our customers in reaching their business goals in the best possible way. At the same time, Tradebyte’s customers profit from our expertise in Fulfillment. A classic win-win-situation for all.

Icon Woocommerce


WooCommerce is probably the best e-commerce platform for WordPress. As open source software, WooCommerce can be expanded and customized as required. In this way, a wide variety of products can be integrated into your own web shop without any problems. The plugin has been one of the most popular WordPress extensions for some time.

The advantage of WooCommerce is undeniable that everything is in the hands of the creator. The design of your web shop can be individually adapted to the relevant industry. Whether fitness coaching or textile shop - you decide how your online presence with WooCommerce looks like!

In addition, WordPress and the plugin are free. You may only have to pay separately for web space and domain. However, there are providers where all of this is available from a single source. In addition, a little experience with WordPress is helpful for dealing with the shop extension. If a website has already been created with the CMS, WooCommerce is the ideal addition. With us as your logistics partner at your side, you can concentrate entirely on the design of your shop with WooCommerce.

Icon Shopify


Via Shopify, retailers can set up their own web shop and benefit from various payment methods and other tools. The implementation and analysis of marketing campaigns is massively simplified and integration into large marketplaces such as Amazon is made possible.

With Shopify you can start from scratch, so to speak, from scratch. With the company name generator, the provider even helps you create your own branding. An individual domain is also included. In cooperation with Shopify, your own brand is created. Special tools also help you to properly market your products. An advertisement on Facebook or a Google campaign are no longer rocket science with Shopify.

The individual advice of the provider supports you in the implementation and analysis of your marketing campaigns so that they arrive where you have the most success. Management of your online shop is child's play thanks to Shopify's unique dashboard: you can see orders, shipping and payments here at a glance. So while you take care of winning as many customers as possible with Shopify, we manage your logistics, no matter how extensive it becomes.

Icon plentymarkets


Plentymarkets advertises with e-commerce from a single source. From sales to shipping to returns management and process automation, Plentymarkets can digitally map all services that are required for a successful e-commerce business. The in-house plentySHOP module can be used for the sale, which enables you to create your own online shop. Alternatively, the company's own products can also be integrated on large international sales platforms.

Using the software from Plentymarkets, you can record your inventory management completely online, so you always have an overview and can analyze and optimize processes - in other words, the perfect digital counterpart to Moodja's services. It has never been so easy to record and manage inventory management, returns management, picking and other services in one software. With Plentymarkets you can get started quickly in the e-commerce business even without a large investment.


Rest Api

RestAPI stands for Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface. The RestAPI can be used to link a wide variety of web shops and tools that are not compatible per se due to different programming languages. This doesn't sound very spectacular at first, but it enables the creation of digital platforms with a comparatively low IT effort.

So, for example, if you want to integrate a new payment method in your online shop and want to outsource the logistics to a service provider like Moodja, you can do this relatively easily with the RestAPI. This translates the data structure of a wide variety of programming languages ​​into a uniform format and thus enables an almost seamless integration of different systems.

Why completely different programming languages ​​are in circulation is a completely different matter. The only thing that is certain is that the features of many web shops would be far less extensive if every integration had to be rewritten from scratch.

Icon Magento


Why completely different programming languages ​​are in circulation is a completely different matter. The only thing that is certain is that the features of many web shops would be far less extensive if every integration had to be rewritten from scratch.

Since Magento is based on open source code, there are a large number of - partly fee-based - expansion modules that you can seamlessly integrate into your shop. With these modules you can expand the functionality in your online shop as desired and use tools for sales analysis, customer acquisition, creation of marketing campaigns etc. With the platform from Magento there are no limits.

Icon Jimdo


Jimdo is one of the leading providers of building websites on a modular basis. With modern designs and intuitive operation, everyone can design their own website or web shop here - without any programming knowledge! You have the idea, we offer logistics and with Jimdo you have your own website with online shop in no time at all.

The Jimbo offer also offers the possibility of creating an individual domain and a unique logo for your website. Jimdo is therefore particularly advantageous for beginners in e-commerce and retailers who do not want to be left behind online. If you want to manage your online presence entirely on your own, Jimdo is ideally positioned.

Hire a programmer to create a website with a built-in shop, argue with a graphic designer about the right logo for your company and at the same time apply for your own domain - Jimdo customers save all that. In this way, your own business can grow entirely after your own creativity has been exhausted. Jimdo guarantees the security of your website thanks to modern SSL encryption. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact support at any time.

Moodja no mood?

Have we convinced you? Then come and visit us in our warehouse. Our customers include small and large brands - all of them have been satisfied with our service so far. If you have any questions, you can always call us or write an email.